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Unmatched beauty and performance make Optiwin North America's leader in Passive House rated wood windows. Optiwin’s new product line is now available. Through upgraded components and frame profiles, the new models modernize and improve Optiwins previous award-winning systems.

Durfeld Constructors have represented Optiwin window products since 2011. This experience enables us to consult productively with Architects and Builders in order to maximize their fenestration potential. Trained technicians will advise on installation methods and provide maintenance support to ensure the windows per-form and operate as intended throughout their lifespan.

Thermal Performance:
Certified Uw values at 0.65W/m2K (0.11 BTU/Ft²sF) keep energy bills down and ensure a consistent, com-fortable living environment.

Installation and Thermal Bridge Protection:
Optiwins wood frames are designed to be recessed in the wall opening and outsulated to create a frameless appearance to the exterior. The high performance frame working in combination with thermal protec-tion virtually eliminates losses at this traditional weak point.

Air and water tightness:
Within Optiwins multi-rabbet frame profile, three continuous seals ensure reliable airtightness. Test results confirm water penetration resistance greatly exceeds North American requirements.

Light transmission and solar gain:
A variety of glazing types are available. Coatings can be selected to customize control of daylight and heat penetration for every zone in the house.

Noise control and security:
Optiwin triple pane windows lock-out virtually all exterior noise when closed. The window system is also highly resistant to intrusion when either closed or in the tilt position. The hardware cannot be de-ployed from the exterior, allowing the homeowner to vent their home safely at all times of day.

Fully concealed Hardware:
For opening positions, state of the art Roto Designo hardware is hidden in Optiwins deep frame profiles. Therefore, fixed and opening windows are identical in appearance from the interior.


Due to a highly competitive market for energy rated windows in Europe, these windows can be purchased at a price comparable to standard built North American wood windows.

Basic product information is available directly on this site. Please create a profile in order to access detailed information like working CAD files.